The sea life collection by Mark Tanzi  is our fastest selling collection. Every item is crafted with impeccable craftsmanship and available in numerous sizes and an array of colors to meet your clients needs. The sea life collection has been mentioned many times as one of Instore Magazine's " HOT SELLERS".


sealife_beige_star_pendant sealife_crab_pendant sealife_fish_pendant sealife_gold_crab_pendant sealife_turqoise_star sealife_gold_sand_dollar sealife_gold_sand_dollar_2 sealife_gold_star_pendant sealife_orange_star sealife_blue_star sealife_palm_tree sealife_all_stars sealife_sea_shell sealife_sea_horse sealife_silver_star_pendant sealife_silver_crab_pendant sealife_sea_horse_2 sealife_silver_sand_dollar sealife_silver_star